Monday, March 17, 2008

The cake is a BIG deal!!!

Happy Saint Patrick Day everyone! I hope that you all remembered to wear green today. I have got to tell you that St. Patricks day is special to me because it is also my son's birthday. (I think that he is destined to have green birthday parties for the rest of his life!) But, the cake is why I am writing. Not because it was super delicious,which it was, but because this was my son's first birthday cake.

You see, he was sick for the first year and a half of his life and was unable to eat any food. His first birthday was hard, more so for me than him. You don't really realize how much of a food centered society we are until you have to be removed from it. Every family gathering was hard because there was always a ton of food and thus stuff to tempt my son. How do you explain to a one year old that he can't eat something because it will make him sick, especially when all the other kids are eating it? Our life with food was dramatically altered for that year and a half. No more eating out, many of our meals were eaten when he was asleep and when he was awake we had to keep his highchair away from the table so he couldn't see what we were eating. We would often give him ice chips from a bowl to make him feal like he was eating. Amazingly enough, he is now eating almost everything. I have been lucky enough to see many miracles in my life but for this one I thank my Heavenly Father daily. With his diagnosis, he was not supposed to recover like this and so I am forever grateful that he has recovered and that he can eat with the rest of us and enjoy birthday cake on his birthday. I know several other children with the same diagnosis who have not been so fortunate and it pains me to see the way that they have to go through life without the enjoyment of a birthday cake among other things.

Without further ado, here are some cute pics of my sone enjoying his first birthday cake. (Which was super delicious by the way. Four layers of peanut butter frosting between chocolate pound cake and topped off with a Chocolate swiss meringue buttercream! You can't beat that for a first birthday cake! Yumm!)

Rockwell blowing out his birthday candle. Isn't he cute!

Rockwell on his first birthday, eating a popsicle made from his medical formula. Yummy!

Rockwell on his birthday this year, finally enjoying some birthday cake!!!

**For more information on Eosinophilic Disorders please check out APFED (American Partnership for Eosinophilic Disorders).


The Marshall Family said...

What a fun birthday to remember. Even after all you have told me about this, I can't even imagine how hard it must have been on your family! I am so glad that little sweetie of yours got to enjoy his cake!! You are such a good mommy - your kiddos are lucky to have you.

Kasi said...

Now he's a remoteless eating machine.