Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Ix-nay on the omemade-Hay

I am venturing out today and exploring the wonderful world of food blogdom. I am going to start out by ranting and raving and then I'll get on to the baking. This week I have been preparing for my daughters school Valentine's Day party. As the room mom, I am in charge of planning all of the games and coordinating all of the treats. Sounds like something a home baker like myself would love, right?? I mean, I could make all of these wonderfully cute delicious desserts. Well, as the schools no longer allow homemde treats, it has been party after party of over frosted cupcakes and cookies. So, as I was planning this particular party, I was going to have the kids decorate their own sugar cookie as one of the activites. I searched high and low for unfrosted, plain sugar cookies at the various supermarkets in my town. There were none to be found. So, after a few e-mails to the school, it was finally agreed upon that I could buy the premade sugar cookie dough (you know that one that I am talking about, the one that comes in tubes in the biscuit aisle) and bake it myself. No, I could not make my mother-in-law's amazing sugar cookie recipe, but I was allowed to bake that pre-made dough that tastes like flavored and baked school paste. I would love to say that despite the dough, they turned out great, but sadly they are still the same discusting cookies. I am sure that the kids will love them despite their flavor. I mean, if you cover them with enough frosting and candy, you won't even notice right?. I will have to post my mother-in-law's recipe for sugar cookies next to show the difference.

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PheMom said...

Though I understand the school's rules I still can't stand it! We end up taking something gross-ish every year for my son because he is allergic to dairy and they won't let me make something that isn't store bought. I miss the good ole days when we were kids!