Friday, February 22, 2008

I was in a bread making mood today and decided to try my hand at challah (pronounced halla). For those who have never heard of challah before, it is a jewish bread that is eaten on the Sabbath and holidays. It is a sweet, rich , eggy bread and is usally braided. I made this bread for one explicit reason; You see, I have had this recipe for french toast in my head all week and knew that I needed a good bread to make it just right. I figured the sweet rich texture of challah would be the perfect compliment to my coconut french toast that I hope to make tomorrow for breakfast.

I had never made challah before but had seen it many times and in fact thought that it was a little intimidating. The golden bread was just putting on airs though because it was a breeze to make. I found a recipe on Cook's Illustrated that didn't require a starter or an overnight rise. In fact, the recipe only took a little over 4 hours from start to finish. Not bad for a bread of this magnitude.

Now, I have debated at whether or not to post this recipe to my blog or not. Here is my dilema. I am not sure of the copyright rules as this recipe comes from a website in which you have to be a paid member. I have decided at this time not to post the recipe, but here is the link (challah bread), I am not sure if it will work or not without the membership. The site does offer free trial memberships at which point you could print out the recipe.

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