Thursday, March 5, 2009

Almond Joy Bonbons


Kristen's Food March 2009 007

I can remember as a kid a commercial for a bite-sized scoop of ice cream covered in chocolate called a bonbon.  I remember begging my mom to buy them for me.  But of course, they were too unhealthy and way too expensive.  If only I would have known how easy they were to make.

These little gems are made with some of the leftover coconut ice cream.  I thought of the almond joy candy bars when making these.  The creamy coconut ice cream is rolled in chopped toasted almonds and then drizzled in chocolate.  I really would have liked to dip them in the chocolate first but after that flourless chocolate cake I was left with very little chocolate.  Either way these are delicious bite size morsels.

The recipe is really very simple.

1.   Make small scoops of the ice cream and freeze until solid.      2.  Roll in chopped toasted almonds and freeze again until firm.  3.  Drizzle with the melted chocolate and freeze again until firm.

Super simple and delicious.

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