Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Brownie Truffle Bites

Kristen's Food February 2009 029

This is a super easy recipe that would be great for your sweetie this Valentines day.  All you need is a pan of brownies, some white chocolate or almond bark and some red or pink candy melts.

I made a pan of my peanut butter brownies for this one but any brownie would work, even a mix.  Using a small scoop, make balls out of the brownies.  Chill or freeze until firm.  Melt some almond bark or white chocolate (almond bark will cover the chocolate better).  Dip the brownie balls into the chocolate and lay on a parchment lined tray to set.  Drizzle with some melted red or pink candy melts and viola.  East peasy lemon squeezy.

You could also roll the ball into powdered sugar, cocoa powder or coconut for an even easier little treat.  These are so easy that you've gotta try them.


Maria said...

I love brownies ,the truffles look amazing!

Annie said...

You are killing me Kristen! Those look divine! :)

Annie said...

I love truffles and using brownies as fillings makes this an even more sumptuous treat! Thanks for the idea.

Teacher Nikolas said...

This just looks perfect! It was my goal (as always) to make truffles that are perfectly shaped they just look lovely.. Thanks for sharing this recipe as well.

Hunter said...

Brownie truffle?! It sounds like double the fun in every bite! Usually, I eat brownies and truffles separately.